Nobody tells you that in life you go through many heartbreaks.

It’s not just your first love telling you it’s not working anymore; or being cheated on. We experience heartbreak from a young age.

It’s your first day of Nursery as you watch your Mum walk away and leave you in a strange place all alone. It’s the shirt you really wanted, but when you go to check out it’s not available in your size. It’s the last day of secondary school with all your friends, unsure if you’ll ever experience the same things with them. It’s the pain in watching your childhood best friend become an unacquainted stranger.

And then when you grow up, it becomes other things. Heartbreak is when the job you really wanted email you back with ‘Thankyou for your application; Unfortunately, you have not been successful on this occasion’.

It’s a friend saying she’ll be there for you forever, and then stabbing you in the back. It’s the broken relationships in your family, which you can never evade.

At my young age of 22, I can confidently say my heart has been broken more times than I realise, and I’m tired of it. I don’t want any more let downs or false promises. It has me wondering if life really does get better, or if being a functioning adult consists of managing all the heartbreaks I will experience in my lifetime.

Published by Zahra

A young woman with a passion for the written word, social justice and culture.

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