Pass the salt

We sit around the dinner table A happy family, or so it seems. The silence is so loud, so we fill it with phatic talk of the weather and bills and TV . I stay silent. I’d rather sit in the ugly truth than be a part of the facade. My mother pulls a faceContinue reading “Pass the salt”

First day at the office

First day at the office walk in fake smiles an empty desk in the corner next to the rubbish bin the hum of the photocopier and the drip drip                                 d r i p of the water machine matches your boss’s charm that o   o     z      e       s as he tellsContinue reading “First day at the office”

Tiktok is assonance for toxic

With the quarantine has come many alternative ways people are trying to desperately keep themselves entertained, so it’s no wonder Tiktok is thriving. And whilst it is a great app that invokes creativity through dancing, art and other methods, and can be pretty funny at times, there’s also a dark side to this app thatContinue reading “Tiktok is assonance for toxic”